Far Cry 3: The Fire

In this section we will discuss the element of fire in Far Cry 3.

It is necessary to underline that only about 20% of progress has been made in this jungle exploration, and only two special weapons have been unlocked. Only a fifth part of the island is uncovered and even these parts aren't explored to the full. However, almost 30 hours have been spent on wandering around caves and setting fire to everything.

The reason for the latter is the Handbook. Handbook said: (and I don't quote, because memory fails after that many drugs of the green leaf) use your own approach in Far Cry 3. So I did. I like exploration and mystery. So I don't buy any maps and rely on my own instincts and the map when looking for letters of the lost and relics. There is no fun in being told where to go and what to do. I like fire. I do things my own way.

A pirate camp appears in the corner of the hill. I sneak around its western part, hiding among the trees and bush. I take pictures, count the solders and plan who to shoot first with my sniper rifle which fires explosive rounds. I knife down a wild dog that tries to bite me and settle in a position, and aim. Pirate sniper number one goes down, pirate sniper number two falls shortly after. Two run for the alarm box. I completely ignore that, because I sense a tingling in my Warrior (hard difficulty) heart. I like reinforcements. I pull out my flamethrower and sprint for the wall, while throwing a molotov in the middle of their base.

The alarm goes off. There is chaos behind the walls. Angry. Eager. Enthusiastic and filled with rage. I just feel happiness. I find a hole in the wall and sneak in. There is a building giving me cover, and I crawl to the right. I sprint through an opening to the garage house, while tossing another molotov towards the mid point of the camp (there is already fire there). I hear an explosion when I enter the garage. I run through it towards the other exit but there are two pirates standing there already waiting for me. I have been spotted! I point my flamethrower at them and let the fire ooze. This somehow affects a gasoline can that's been chilling not so far away. Another explosion, and the whole eastern part of the garage is on fire. I crawl back to where I came from, but there is another mofo waiting for me there. I ooze more fire. A sudden realization: both exits are on fire. I sprint back and see a great exit that should illuminate my name on this island as a reckless pyromaniac even more: I run through the flames and jump out off the burning window. That doesn't happen. I hit the wall and fall back. While I orient myself, the fire has burnt out on the western side and I exit there. There is a ladder to the roof on one of the buildings, so I climb there. Time to explode things with sniper rifle. The chilling gasoline cans all burst into huge fireballs taking half of the camp with them, and I pull out the rocket launcher to take out the approaching reinforcement car. The rest of the battle is merely a hide and seek game where I put myself out as bait and run around the building with flamethrower ready to fire the crawling pirate in the bum.

When it's all done and I enter the safehouse to get some rest, it's the promise of those 40% unlocked weapons that keeps me up at night. Which of them will have flames and explosions?

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