Cargo Commander experience

I went into space. Soothing tones of country-like music made me think of that one series for a second.

This ain't no game, I was told. This is a job.

I dived into it right away. Pushed magnet button. A wild container appeared. Drilled wall, shot monster, destroyed crystal. Picked up box with cargo. Drilled floor into another container.

It's nice, I thought. Drillin, shootin, explorin. Takin it easy. Then a black hole (or something of that sort) appeared, destroying everything. That happened again and again and again, each time as I was getting comfortable in my new container. It's not nice anymore, I thought.

Usually I give up easily when there is a job that I don't like. But the thought of finding out what more I can see and explore in a different galaxy I was promised to be able to enter soon (the described process was at least as confusing as this sentence), seduced me.

I only had to do one thing: follow the list of objectives. Pick up x amount of cargo. Check, bitch! Pull in container with pass to another galaxy sector. Check, bitch! End day. Okay, I try to push end day button, because it said I couldn't travel unless day was ended. Check, bitch! The same day in same sector started again.. Mesa no understand.

After a few more tries to try and ented another galaxy, I gave up. Very fitting that main menu had a button that said "suicide", but I was too angry to try to find out what it does.

What could be better: 
-there could be no black holes
-instructions could make sense

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