Bye post-apocalyptic alien invasion, hello jungle

I quit XCOM. I will post why later, but let's just say that the gameplay got too repetative to try to figure out the rest of the story. Also the voice of Council was bloody scary :(

Now over to Far Cry 3! Been waiting a long time for this. I love that crazy guy, the bad one.

Before we continue: In case you can't exit that cursed vehicle in one of the first missions, you probably remapped your controls. And if you did that, you need to reset them to default and you can then continue to be the machinery of fear that this jungle hasn't ever seen before. Maybe except for the bad guy.

There are two things I want to express mixed feelings about: I feel sorry for the poor animals, especially those that don't attack me. But I *need* to craft a bigger wallet. The other thing I am missing a lot is third-person view when driving vehicles. I just love seeing it from that point of view. I hope it may be implemented later.

The game is marvellous. For me it has become a hunt for WW2 lost letters. I only found one so far, but daaaaaaamn, it was so atmosphere filled to find the scene it was placed in.

Also drifting like a bird without a worry in the world. Until I by accident land in the middle of startled red-dressed pirates.

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