The Play(wish) List

It is known (heh) that it is healthy for your heart and rest of limp non-armored sissy body to have things to look forward to. Now, I am not saying that I don't have anything else to look forward to, but I chose the perspective on gaming that compares itself to movies, and most of all books. I play single player story games to relax with a good story, sometimes make me think and feel, and all that. Now, I am not saying that I can't think and feel without games, but let's just arrive at conclusion that I have a life outside gaming as well and get on with it.

While stressing over XCOM (It's looking bleak, four-five countries left the project, I can't catch that stupid alien ship, and I have 3 money and almost no income), relaxing a bit with unlocking the new green-blue deck for Magic The Gathering Duels of Planeswalkers and learning how to fight in Chivalry Mediaval Warfare, I learned the following. Sooner or later I will either fail horribly or against all odds win in XCOM, get all desired decks unlocked in MTG, and ragequit too many times in Chivalry. What makes the gaming life flow then?

First and foremost: Far Cry 3. I loved Far Cry 2 just because of it's weather effects and atmosphere that everything is really really dry. Far Cry 3 has dubstep and I try not to watch any previews because I don't want spoilers. I love games with big living and unique worlds, and I am sure Far Cry 3 will be one. The big question is this: do I or don't I take a week off work to play it?

Notice Witcher 2 on the picture above. It's to the right from Far Cry 3. I never beat it, because it got too hard (I stubbornly refuse to play it on anything less than hard difficulty). This time I will choose a different combo to specialize in: swords and magic (instead of swords and bombs).

Omerta City of Gangsters is something I have always wanted to play ever since I imagined it. Old school mafia strategy take-control-over-city game. I cross my fingers it at least has 50% of everything I ever wanted in such a game: memorazible characters that join up with you (such as in XCOM AE). In addition to 1920s-1930s music, that's actually it.

The newest Sherlock Holmes game is a detective point and click adventure, and because I never got over post-La Noire-depression, I hope it will bring back some of those marvellous days of detective work.

Hitman Absolution was what I was most looking forward to this November-December, until Far Cry 3 showed up. It's number two on the list!

Dark Souls gets to wait a bit. I know it's superb, but I will wait and see if more mods show up enhancing the experience.

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