XCOM: Enemy Unknown war diary part one

- Input 1: French guy shows up. Sniper. We call him Bloodsport after he headshots two aliens from an elevated ground next to their spaceship, saving one of our squad-mates. Bloodspart is bad ass. You can tell by his attitude he is a pro and takes it personally when it comes to aliens and head-shots (if they have heads that is).

- Input 2: We finally learn a formation, and that is made of a core of our new doc: The Leaf. Never seen anyone heal so quickly and take care of squad-mates with so much passion. Maybe he was practicing the life of a hermit before this happened, rumor has it he adds plants to the usual standard treatment methods. Someone even claims to have seen him smoke something out of the ordinary one evening and fall into some sort of weird trance. The Leaf saved the life of a Russian girl, who fearlessly killed three aliens on her first expedition to alien ship. We called her Putina.

- Input 3: We have a guy that shows up out of nowhere and can match the strength and bad-ass-ness of our own legendary Roxter. We call him Professional. They did their first coop just today, finnishing off an alien by surrounding him through space-ship corridors. By the way, Roxter and Beebop are brothers, they have been watching each other's backs before all of this even started, and are the only one's who have survived since our first mission: since all of this began. True veterans and everone looks up to them. Even Bloodsport.

- Input 4: We plow through the variety of aliens in the battlefield of urban decay, spaceships, bases, and forest fields. Our gang grows bigger as we pick up good soldiers in our path. We lost Putina in one of the expeditions. She never saw the mysterious woman who appeared in our squads as a rookie, but soon we saw that she was different. We don't understand it, and we don't trust it, but we like her, and we called her Kerrigan.

- Input 5: Every time we win a battle and harvest new weapons from the enemy, learn something valuable about their weaknesses or our researchers and engineers come up with something we think we can exploit to gain an advantage in the battlefield, something new shows up. We never expect it, and we are never prepared for it. It is a wonder then that so many of us are still alive. I hope this doesn't jinx anything. If salt wasn't rare to come by, I would do the thing that people used to do to avoid bad luck.

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