XCOM: Enemy Unknown is killing me

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is evil. Here I was, taking strolls through games like Dishonored on hardest difficulty without much challenge. I lunged at crazed ass-bum-super-mutant-bandits two levels above me in Borderlands 2 (and sure, they killed me and sent me back to my own appropriate sissy-level). But at least I knew what to do.

I am playing the new XCOM on medium difficulty and not Iron Man mode (which otherwise would only allow one constant save). Still I have no idea what I am doing. What should I prioritize in research? What about which buildings to build? What countries to concentrate on? Which solders to send on which mission? Which solder to send first into darkness to see what's behind that corner? Allright, the latter is easy: always the noobie recruit (it's their own fault for not enlisting earlier! And everyone goes through this!).

I am renaming solders into a single nick-name. I remember their deeds. I have a guy called Hamster because he was really smooth during one of his first missions and quickly flanked aliens and killed them, saving the rest of the squad. I have Roxter and Beebop who somehow managed to survive since the beginning itself, and they are deadly. Especially Roxter: he has lots of hit points and is crazy. Enemy's worst nightmare, if they are able to get scared. Beebop is a sniper, watching out for Roxter usually from somewhere up high.

Then there is Russian Gina. She has a rocket launcher, and deals with heavy weaponry in a tough and manly manner, just like heavy weapon's guy from you know where. There are others. I like to always add one new guy to a mission so he can check those dark corners first. And if he makes it, he can stay behind next time. And if he is lucky and bad-ass, I will give him a fitting name.

Anyway, have you seen Fallen Earth? That's how I feel like in this game: I have no idea what I am doing, so I  go after what would seem most meaningful if this was reality: weapons, protection, and not so much regard towards civilians.

It's not going well.

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