For The Swarm

Heart of The Swarm is out, and thus begins my second journey into fighting for the Swarm. I have had a 1,5 year break from Starcraft.

Now I know I have grown as a person. What can I expect to come out of that, which affects my performance for the better when slaying enemies for the swarm?

I like to think that I have acquired or revealed in myself ...ancient...zerg...qualities...

I am no longer that afraid to hurt my ego. I am less afraid to make a fool of myself, and less afraid to wonder what people may think about me. This should affect my fear of loosing on ladder. Positively.

I have a better understanding of strategy from a variety of other games I have played. This should help me think outside the box and have a better overview of the meta-game.

I have a better keyboard. Buttons more visible and easier to smash.

I have discovered coffee with a ton of sugar which keeps me awake and concentrated after long days of work. That's when my laddering is happening.

I have learned to note one thing I should do better after each match, no matter win or loose.

My previous seasons kept me in top 8 of Platinum league as long as I was playing actively (at least 3 long macro games each day).

And the result is:

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