Hero Academy: First Impressions on TF2 team

Ever wanted to play chess with Team Fortress 2 units, with their own special abilities? Now you can! Jarate!

Hero Academy is this:

- On a more basic level, it plays like chess. Except instead of black and white, there is elves, dwarves, team fortress gang, humans, and a tribe-based little gang.
- It's a turn based multiplayer only game. No hotseatsies.
- You submit a turn, then you wait till your opponent submits his or her turn. Each turn consists of 5 basic actions of your choice (spawn, attack, move, or use item)
- You don't have to be online while you are waiting for your opponent to submit his turn.
- So you can have many games running at the same time. I run 10 at the moment.
- Your units and items aren't limitless, so sooner or later they run out as you spawn them
- Purchasing the game will not unlock all teams, rest can be purchased as DLC. Team Fortress 2 is included at start.

After two days of re-uniting with my favorite team in the whole world (let's call it Heavy's Little Men), I have noticed a few strategical advantages of it:

1. Heavy's Little Men are fast and flexible. You don't automatically kill an enemy's unit by just knocking it out, you also have to step and stomp on the poor person. TF2 team get's an advantage of receiving an extra action point when this happens. So one good combo is using scout as a finnisher for killing units, because naturally, he is fast (and if you came from where he came from, you would be dead). After stomping you will receive an additional action point, and with scout's movement speed you can get back to safety. A sandwich is an item that can be used to increase movement speed in case you haven't spawned a scout. This is a good basic set-up for a hit and run harassing.

2. Jarate is an item that weakens an enemy alot. Use this to take out key units of the enemy team, particularly their healers, or very buffed fighters.

3. Engineer is very important. Team Fortress 2 units generally do less damage than the other teams. You can regain some of the damage by buffing up your units with Engy.

4. Heavy is the only unit that has enough hit points to function as a tank.

5. It's easier to win by killing all the enemy units than trying to destroy the crystals.

6. Snipers are good to use for general harassing. They do one shot of extra damage each turn, but otherwise are pretty useless. Just removing 25% of somebody's health is enough to gain a little advantage later once you face that unit, or it makes the opponent waste a turn on healing. Sometimes this can be combined by placing sniper on a damage-booster tile, giving you control of one row. You can thus arrange strategically around this.

One little thing that I feel is missing, is knowing how many units your enemy has used. If you are a little bit enthusiastic about this game as I am, you may want to play i.e. 10 games constantly, and it is impossible to keep track of what has happened in each of them. And having intel on what your enemy has used, and what he may have available for his next turn is one of the key points for winning.

These are the first thoughts on TF2 strategy. This team is still new, so there are a lot more options to explore in the future. I will continue to post how Heavy's Little Men are doing as they discover new ways to stomp the enemy.

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