Steam Summer Sale results

Steam Summer Sale (SSS?) is almost over. Here is my game-loot, so to speak.

Not sure what to do once this marvellous sale is over, as it turned into a highlight of the day on the internet. Maybe one could actually start playing all these games instead of loozering around reddit and refreshing that.

Here is what I got this summer.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare sounds and looks extremely promising after the first game. I can't wait to hold the ctrl button for hours again (so Alan won't run, I love to watch the scenery).

 How do you think Ace Ventura would feel about Batman? Got this, and the other Batman game after reading some comments about it from the kind folks at Reddit and kind review at PC Gamer.

To satisfy my newly discovered desire for adventure games. They are like reading books. Since I don't have time to read books because I want to play games, although I still love reading, this is like a gift from heaven. From the great gamer up there, with holy mouse and keyboard. GG amigo!

Botanicula. Because it pretty. And reviews have been kind. Apparently something unique, and I love something unique in games!

To satisfy that hunger for horror which crawled and gnawed its creepy, absolutely terrifying hole after Amnesia: The Dark Descent, into my soul (to rip it bit by bit and feed to some great evil essence that lives in the nearby woods and makes sounds with lots of trembling bass). Cryostasis also has some awesome physics on melting ice.

Just Cause 2 just seemed like lots of fun, allright?

Lost Horizon has been horribly expensive on Steam for maybe 2 years, and when it finally dropped almost 90% in price.. At the very least it looks pretty, although the adventure story maybe seems a little bit too boombastic, so to speak, for my taste. But let's wait and actually play it and see.

Better later than never, right? Better yesterday, than tomorrow, right? Right. The story of Yesterday is special, it read somewhere. Can't wait to experience its story.

Last but not least, the Runaways. Am already almost finnished with the first one, and so far I can only say: THIS is how you make an adventure game.

Can't wait to add these games on the finnished list to the right, although I certainly hope that this process will take a while.

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